Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Demonstration Against the Israeli Ambassador

Today I will be joining demonstrators outside the Senedd, to protest against the visit to the National Assembly by the Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor. I will be demonstrating instead of attending the private reception because Mr. Prosor has clearly indicated that he intends to "utilise any platform for PR work". These words should alert us to the fact that Wales' democratic institution will today be used as a publicity platform for a state that is currently in contravention of 65 UN resolutions. The Palestinians are not in contravention of any UN resolution. Until these international demands are met, representatives of the Israeli government cannot expect to be welcomed to Wales. Today I would ask anyone sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, who are a stateless and oppressed nation, to join us in solidarity with them.

Where: outside the National Assembly
When: 5pm today
Who: Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Welsh Ramblings said...

That number of Israeli contraventions would be far longer if it weren't for the fact that the US has used its veto to block any resolution criticising Israel's illicit nuclear arms programme.

Luther said...

Fair play Leanne. Good on you for being one of the few to stick your neck out and take a principled stand on a serious and pressing moral and political issue... again.
Pity that the Cardiff police took the opportunity to supress the right to demonstrate yet again, and continued in the vein of repressive policing and intimmidation it has been following for a while, now.