Thursday, 31 July 2008

Minimum wage not enforced by UK government

Almost 800 businesses in Wales have been caught paying workers below the minimum wage, but not a single one has been prosecuted.

Not only that, there are only 8 minimum wage enforcement officers employed to cover the whole of Wales, and they are all based in Cardiff.

New Labour are focussing their attention on benefit fraud while revenue and customs offices are seeing staff cuts and centralisation.

Overworked tax and minimum wage compliance officers can not keep up - so businesses and individuals are getting away with breaking the law.

Its time more effort was concentrated on the big money - the tax fraudsters and minimum wage law breakers. Is there any point of having rules if they aren't being enforced?


Stonemason said...

If you really are concerned, publish the names so that people who care, rather than just talk, can take direct action through the boycott.

Leanne said...

I asked HMRC to provide the company locations, but my request was refused.

Stonemason said...

Can you not insist that HMRC do their duty ?

Can I refer you to .....

Mandamus ......... A writ which commands an individual, organization (eg. government), administrative tribunal or court to perform a certain action, usually to correct a prior illegal action or a failure to act in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Leanne go for it its time these law breakers were revealed it gives good business a bad name