Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Questioning the Oath of Allegiance

The Assembly Chamber can be a perfect place to draw attention to campaigns that politicians are involved in outside of the Assembly. For some time I have been a member and supporter of Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state, and I am also supporting their Challenge the Oath campaign.

I earlier asked the Counsel General, Carwyn Jones AM:

"Would you support a change in the rules regarding the oath of allegiance and, if so, would you agree to discuss the matter with the relevant law officers?"

Mr Jones replied:

"It is not something that has been discussed. It is not something certainly the government has a view on. It would take obviously changes to legislation at Westminster for that to happen. It is unclear to me what the viewpoint of the entire Assembly would be on this issue."

Perhaps it is time that the whole Assembly talked through these issues and came up with a range of options of who AMs can swear their allegiance to.

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