Thursday, 13 November 2008

Save the Vulcan

There is a danger that Cardiff’s heritage could be wiped out by new developments. When cities change, there is always a risk that the older side of the city could be lost. The Vulcan is a pub which symbolises Cardiff and our people’s history, and it would be a shame to see it go

A wide variety of people have been campaigning to save the Vulcan. The pub is threatened by a car park development related to the St. Davids 2 shopping centre. Demolition could take place in June 2009, but I hope that the developers could be persuaded to incorporate the Vulcan into their plans for the area.

I've signed a Statement of Opinion at the Assembly which was put down by Jenny Randerson AM. Campaigner Graham Craig is also organising a petition which I have signed, and the South Wales Echo reported this week that broadcaster John Inverdale has become the thousandth person to support saving this profitable and unique pub.

The text of the Statement of Opinion reads:

This Assembly:

* Opposes the proposed demolition of The Vulcan Hotel in Adamsdown, Cardiff and calls on the developers to re-consider their proposals with a view to saving this historic pub.

* Believes that it will be a great loss to Cardiff and Wales if, in 2009, this pub pulls its last pint.

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plaidcasnewydd said...

I honestly thought this was a post about John Redwood. I think I need to get out more.