Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Show Racism the Red Card

I was pleased to be invited to attend the launch of Show Racism the Red Card’s film, Islamophobia which took place at the Assembly yesterday.

The film, which features football stars such as Thierry Henry, Ryan Giggs and Mido, aims to challenge racist myths that can end up causing harm to black people.

The screening was attended by many people including children from Cathays High School, Cardiff, Culture Minister Alun Ffred Jones and AMs representing all parties, including myself. I sat on the panel answering questions from the Cathays pupils.

I abhor racism. Although I’m an atheist I believe that people should be free to express their religious beliefs in any way they want as long as that doesn’t cause harm to other people. People’s beliefs should be respected.

Islamophobia is a word which was not known before 9/11 and is a concept largely invented by Western Government’s to continue with the so-called War on Terror.

Footballers have the potential to be positive role models and so I hope this film will play a part in tackling the issue of racism head on.

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Tom said...

Racism is normal and purely an outgrowth of Tribalism. What is really at the base of most violence is religion not Race.
I am a separatist and have no problems with other races if they respect my desire not to live among them.They may do whatever they choose in their homelands.
But predatory religion disrupts all societies.
If religion went away for a year you wouldn't believe how little war and violence there would be.