Monday, 26 January 2009

The BBC and Gaza

The BBC's decision not to screen an appeal for humanitarian aid in Gaza is apalling. Protests have taken place at BBC studios throughout the UK. In Scotland protestors have occupied their BBC building. Bethan Jenkins has put down a Statement of Opinion at the National Assembly, which people can lobby their AMs to sign. I have joined the thousands and also complained to the BBC. Send your comments to the BBC here or email

You can donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee here

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Chris Cope said...

Those protesters at BBC Scotland (why Scotland?) chanted "We are all Palestinians," which I think underlines and validates the reason for not airing the appeal. The BBC is concerned that it shows bias in a notoriously complex conflict. Those people at BBC Scotland were clearly showing a pro-Palestine bias. The BBC's decision makes journalistic sense, and this is why you see Sky News doing the same thing.