Monday, 12 January 2009

Defend Yahya Al-Faifi

Please support the campaign to defend Yahya Al-Faifi.

Yahya Al-Faifi is a trade unionist from Saudi Arabia, where trade unions are illegal. Yahya was persecuted in his homeland for organising trade unions and was forced to flee to Britain in 2004 with some of his family.

Yahya is based in South Wales and has continued his union work with the Communicatioms Workers Union. He has spoken at the Cardiff and Swansea Trades Councils among others to highlight the oppression trade unionists face in Saudi Arabia.

He now faces deportation from the UK. The Home Office has refused the application for refugee status for Yahya, his wife and his children. This is in spite of the fact that political dissidents are regularly jailed, beaten and killed in Saudi Arabia. Yahya has had to leave behind a settled life in Saudi Arabia working for BAE Systems, for the uncertain life of an asylum seeker in the UK. He urgently needs the support of all trade unionists and socialists to stay here.

Please contact your MP and AM and ask them to put pressure on the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith MP.

Email or write to Jacqui Smith and register your support for Yahya Al-Faifi and his family to stay in the UK:

Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP,
Secretary of State for the Home Department,
3rd Floor, Peel Buildings,
2 Marsham Street,

Email the campaign here:

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