Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Businesses oppose regulation shock!

At today's Welsh Language LCO Committee, business representatives called for a voluntary approach to the provision of Welsh language services as opposed to a legislative one. These are the same organisations which have resisted most other forms of regulation from the minimum wage through to measures to protect the environment.

Regulation is needed where the market fails, and many Welsh speakers would agree that the market has failed them and the language. If we are serious about protecting the Welsh language and giving Welsh speakers the freedom to use Welsh in Wales, then there has to be some form of regulation.

The public consultation on the LCO closes on March 20th. Do you have a view? If so, either contact me at leanne.wood@wales.gov.uk, or you can submit comments to swyddfadeddfwriaeth@cymru.gsi.gov.uk or legislationoffice@wales.gov.uk

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Tecwyn Tatws said...

EC President Jose Manuel Barroso, speaking at a meeting in Downing Street with PM Gordon Brown, says that we must not fall into the trap of protectionism.

Economic or linguistic nationalism are potentially catastrophic for Wales.