Thursday, 23 April 2009

Budget disaster for Wales

£416 million will be cut from the Assembly's budget next year. New Labour are calling the cuts "efficiency savings". Adam Price said yesterday:

"When taking these and other already announced cuts into account, public services in Wales will be around one billion pounds per year worse off by 2013-14."

This is disasterous news for Welsh public services. Swathing cuts to frontline services are inevitable. Its difficult to see how these cuts can be implemented without job cuts. Jobs are already at risk at the Mint.

The public sector should be providing jobs now, not cutting them. Great opportunities have been missed to invest in a Green New Deal - something that could have provided thousands of jobs and training opportunities well as helping us to prepare the way for the effects of climate change and peak oil.

Why didn't the chancellor scrap the plans to introduce ID cards and replace the TRIDENT nuclear missile system? Billions could have been saved in two simple moves. Instead, the poorest - those who make most use of public services and who don't have the luxury of being able to afford alternatives will bear the brunt of these cuts.


Anonymous said...

Its not just the amount Leanne ( you may want to add the millions to your figure)its the principle.We had no say in that cut ,we had no say in the process, the One Wales government just smiled and took it.Andrews Davies even welcomed it as it wasnt as much as he expected.
What a way to compromise a nation.Enough is enough.
I think its time Plaid,apart from Adam P,found the guts to stand up to these Labour policies.

Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...


Fair comment, but your maths and times are wonky re: trident.

Trident will not be started to be paid for until at least 2014 - how exactly does that help in the here and now?