Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Severn Estuary Public Meeting

Last week Plaid organised a public meeting in Penarth to discuss the potential impact of a Cardiff to Weston or Severn Barrage. More than 150 people attended to hear Gordon James from Friends of the Earth, Peter Jones from the RSPB, and Plaid MEP Jill Evans spoke. In general, people opposed the Barrage because of the effect it would have on the envionment, the disruption it would cause to their communities and that it would take more than twenty years to construct. Most people supported harnessing energy in the estuary., but preferred the less damaging alternatives.

It was clear from the meeting that the UK Government has not disseminated enough information about its plans for the Severn Estuary. People at the meeting had not been contacted by any government agency and so it could be said that the local community's feelings are not being taken considered as part of the decision-making process. That's why we organised the meeting and why we have distributed information about the consultation. Hopefully the voice of communities in and around will now be heard.

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