Friday, 15 May 2009

Abolish the UK Parliament

According to Betsan, Tory MP David Davies of True Wales is keen to ensure his expense claims are transparent. Vaughan has a video clip of him justifying his claims.

In February, his True Wales/anti-Assembly colleague David Rees told the BBC

"The spiralling costs of the assembly, in part caused by the inflation-busting 8.3% backdated pay rise, added to the expenses claimed by members, have made it easy for us to campaign on the doorstep and gain support from the Welsh public."

Can we now expect the latest relevations on MPs pay and expenses to result in the demand for the abolition of the Westminster Parliament on those doorsteps?


david h jones said...

compared with Westminster the Assembly is run much more effectively. We have proper term times - we know when the next election will be 'cos it can't be gerrymandered by the partyin power; transparent expenses and wages; proper working hours (though, I do think clocking off at 5.00 is a bit soft for a national parliament).

Westminster may be going down the plug hole but this Westminster scandal could be to the Assembly's benefit in the long run.

Draig said...

It's all very well arguing for the abolition of the UK Parliament, but conversely, that means arguing for a stronger Welsh Parliament.

In fact it means arguing for a much stronger parliament than the one on offer under the One Wales Agreement.

Yet the only Plaid AM I can see offering any real leadership on this matter is Bethan Jenkins.

So will you and the rest of the Plaid AMs now step up to the plate Leanne and start backing up your colleague - publicly? Because the impression I'm left with at the moment is that Plaid are basically covering for a fundamentally discredited Labour Party...

Jim D.