Thursday, 4 June 2009

Plaid supports former ASW workers

Back in 2002, the workers at ASW steel plant in Cardiff lost their jobs. What they didn't know at that time was that they had also lost their pensions. They have fought a hard campaign to get their own money back, and had some success winning this court case, and forcing the government to set up a compensation scheme. In the future, people will be able to get 90% of the value of their pension back. But there have been problems with this. 90% of a pension at 2002 is not 90% of what it would be now, seven years later. Some people are only getting back around 40% of their pension. The ASW workers haven't given up in their fight for justice and this week they met with Plaid MEP Jill Evans and other Plaid representatives to continue to press their case. Jill has vowed to continue to support their campaign and to make a fresh case to the new European Commission, if she is re-elected to the European Parliament today.

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