Thursday, 16 July 2009

Save Cardiff University's Lifelong Learning

Cardiff University has announced a proposal to close most of the subject areas in one of its oldest and most respected departments. Cardiff Centre for Life Long Learning provides the opportunity for students of all ages and backgrounds to access higher education irrespective of any previous qualifications. The centre currently runs hundreds of evening and weekend classes in a variety of subjects in both Cardiff and across the whole of South East Wales; from Brecon in the north, Porthcawl in the west and as far as Caldicot and Monmouth in the east. If the proposal is implemented then this will radically reduce the Centre, scrapping its entire humanities provision, this includes literature, history, archaeology, music, creative writing, philosophy, art history, religion, photography and Welsh.

A campaign group has been set up and a protest has been organised for the 27th July, the day the University Council meets to decide whether or not to go ahead with the cuts. I spoke at a campaign meeting this week and agreed to support their alternative plan which involves a stay of execution for a year. They have a compelling case - demand for their courses is expected to increase during the recession. A facebook group has been set up, giving information about things people can do to help with the campaign.

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