Wednesday, 7 October 2009

We're all in this together

No major surprises from the Tory conference. If elected, a Tory government will freeze the pay of low-paid public sector workers, slash tax credits, extend the retirement age and introduce tax breaks for private schools. Yet the rich will be left hardly touched.

In the Netherlands, a cap on bankers' bonuses has been introduced. Under the Tories, the bankers will be let off scot-free. As Paul O'Shea from UNISON Cymru has said today:

"Yet again they (the Tories) are aiming to look after the wealthy, while low-paid public sector workers and those members of the public that depend upon public services pay the price for the bankers' greed."



Anonymous said...

No change there then. Same old torys. And its pretty much a given that devolution will be way down on thier list of priorities, if its on it at all.

Chad said...

To coin a phrase - Theres something of the night about them.

Anonymous said...

they haven't done themselves any favours this week with their conference and all the policy garbage they have been spouting
I hope Cameron comes to Wales more then people can see what a twicer he is

Stuart said...


I didn't realise Plaid Cymru was a National Socialist party.