Friday, 23 October 2009

Why the striking postal workers deserve our support

It may be an inconvenience and it may cause major problems for some, but this week's postal strike was unavoidable. Royal Mail's plans for the 'modernisation' of the service, if implemented, will end postal services as we know them.

"right now we can't avoid a dispute about the heart and soul of the future of mail delivery. It's important that the public know that Royal Mail are running down the public services and we are determined that this will not happen. Running down those services has meant running down jobs and terms and conditions of the workforce. It also means you will pay more for a worse service and be expected to pay for one you currently get for free. This can all be reversed - mail is not in serious decline, despite what the company claims."

At the Plaid conference last month, a motion opposing the privatisation of the Royal Mail was passed. The CWU are not opposed to modernisation. All they ask is that their members are involved in the plans, and not bullied into accepting proposals which will privatise their industry and downgrade their terms and conditions, should they be lucky enough to hold on to their jobs. The CWU are ready for mediation, yet Royal Mail bosses refuse to talk through ACAS.

Compass have come up with proposals to save a public mail service which include the creation of a people's bank using post offices, a call which has been supported by my colleague Dai Lloyd.
Like the bankers, Royal Mail bosses have been creaming off hefty bonuses while the company squeezes the workers and customers. It'll be a long and tough fight, but anyone who values our public mail service should back the postal workers in this dispute.


Anonymous said...

Thought the RM bosses were civil servants Shouldnt the government sort them out ?

Dianne said...

Yet no one is sorting these problems out! It's imperative to foster dialogue about RM and its employees so that those who can do something about it will. Thanks for the update, as always, Leanne!