Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Referendum - bring it on!

Today sees the publication of the report by the All Wales Convention, and it seems that a majority of people favour the Assembly gaining law making powers, and moving to become a Parliament, similar to Scotland's.

The All Wales Convention, chaired by Sir Emyr Jones Parry, has hosted public consultations to gauge opinion on further powers for the Assembly, received 700 pieces of evidence and has spoken to 2,000 people.

We have seen time after time that the current LCO system has acted as a barrier preventing us in Wales from introducing strong legislation. This halfway house system has enabled MPs to put blocks on our efforts to ensure more affordable housing. They've tied our hands as we tried to ensure that our children can travel safely on buses. They've limiting our powers over the Welsh language and ignored our attempt to legislate to tackle climate change. I hope this report will help to change the system into one where people in Wales can have a much greater input into the laws which we live by.

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Tommy said...

Why dont we have a referendum on the badger cull.It might stop certain plaid AM's bowing to the farmimg lobby and question the medievil farming practices in the UK.
Might even be a chance of AM's and the rest of Plaid realising that meat production is unsustainable in the modern world.
That's something veggies realised years ago,but it only seems to capturing the public imagination now.
So if we do have a welsh referendum,does it mean that we will be replacing a gang of short-sighted career politicains who embrace the market economy,but who now reside in London,and have them replaced with the exact same who will just reside in South Wales.
It's pointless calling for a referendum just to reproduce in miniscule a corrupt syatem.