Monday, 11 January 2010

Muslims4Plaid on Islam4UK

There is a lot of anger over the proposed Islam4UK march in Wootton Bassett. The following is a statement issued by Muslims4Plaid:

"Muslims for Plaid wishes to place on record its oppposition to the proposed demonstration by the group known as Islam4UK in Wootton Bassett. In addition, Muslims for Plaid is opposed to any counter demonstration by far right groups including the BNP and the English Defence League. It is our firm belief that the wishes of the people of Wooton Bassett to continue receiving the bodies of British serviceman with quiet dignity should be respected. It would be insensitive, inappropriate and wrong for any organisation of any political hue to hijack the practice of the good people of Wootton Bassett for their own ends. Nevertherless, the call for a debate on the on-going war in Afghanistan is legitimate and Muslims for Plaid would support such a debate at a more appropriate time and place.

Muslims for Plaid observes with dismay the way the British media continue to give the oxygen of publicity to Islam4UK and its leader Anjem Choudhury. This tiny group has negligible support amongst the Muslim communities in the UK yet is presented as though it is genuinely representative of a large section of Muslim public opinion. Muslims for Plaid accepts its responsibilty in contributing to the fight against the cancer of extremism and hopes that the television and print media will seek to ensure balance and proportion in its coverage of this and similar issues.

Update: Islam4UK have called off their planned march in Wootton Bassett

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