Sunday, 2 May 2010

Home Truths

We're finally in to the the last week of election campaigning, after a week of some interesting revelations. Cleverly disguised appearances have been stripped and exposed by the intense glare of scrutiny.

It was not just Gordon Brown who showed his disdain for voters and their opinions.
The Tories, who have somehow branded themselves as an all-inclusive, caring and sharing party while operating under the stewardship of these men have admitted public spending under their watch will be cut in the areas which need it the most.

Then we had a Tory candidate deviating from the official party line, saying what he really thought about gay people. Still not convinced? Then check out what this Tory idiot was saying earlier this month on Fox television in the USA. Are his views privately shared by a significant number of his party colleagues? It should at least make people question that pledge to protect health spending.

Then - Nick Clegg showed he didn’t have all the answers when under pressure. Will people see through the man who has seen his main profits coming from not being Cameron or Brown? There also remain questions to be asked about his party’s policies on restricting immigrants to certain regions and their anti-trade union attitudes.

Plaid Cymru policies have withstood scrutiny from the fiercest of television interviewers. We were denied the opportunity to show we could more than handle our own when it comes to debating the content of our manifesto pledges and their credibility on a primetime platform with the three stooges of Clegg, Cameron and Brown. This view is borne out by the reaction I am finding on the doorsteps when out knocking doors and talking people.

I only hope plaid campaigners everywhere can reach enough houses in time to bridge the gap left by the poor hand the broadcasters have dealt us.


Chris Williams said...

Nice piece Leanne. We're getting there, but it's a long road!

james said...

How many members does Plaid Cymru have? Couldn't find anything on the official website.

Leanne Wood said...

I'm not sure of the latest figures, but its somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 at a guess. And cheers Chris.