Monday, 18 October 2010

A Message to Westminster

The Con/Dem coalition government was left in no doubt what Newport and the rest of Wales thought about the proposed closure of the city’s Identity and Passport Office.

Around 1000 protestors turned up to march from the historic Westgate Hotel to John Frost Square for a rally. I was joined on the march by Bethan Jenkins, AM for South Wales West (pictured), as well as many other Plaid activists.

The rally's strong support showed that people of Wales are prepared to stand up and fight for the future of their communities.

Here are some of the reports.

BBC Online.

Wales on Sunday.

South Wales Argus.

BBC Cymru

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Billy Blofeld said...

Proportionally Wales has the biggest percentage of public sector workers per capita of the working population - which means that it is likely to be hit the hardest by cuts.

Those that have pumped Wales up on the steroids of public sector jobs have to accept responsibility.

P.S. Communities which are dominated by the private sector have already suffered 3 years of pain and cuts. The public sector has felt nothing - yet.....