Sunday, 26 December 2010

How to stop the tax cheats

The Tax Justice Network and Tax Research UK have produced a eight point manifesto to stop tax dodgers. Tax expert Richard Murphy says

"Britain has a particular problem with tax cheating. London lies at the centre of a global tax haven empire and tax cheating has become the norm at boardroom level and among rich people. It is not helpful that so many politicians are themselves users of tax havens."

The ConDem government in London want to cut the deficit, but are unlikely to do anything about tax dodgers as many of them are engaged in the practice themselves. 2010 saw the birth of UKUncut. With protests organised and information shared on twitter, UKUncut are exposing tax dodgers, showing how we are not all in this together. Does tax-dodging enrage you? Why not make a pledge to yourself to do something about it in 2011?

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Here's the report of the recent UK Uncut action in Cardiff: