Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Labour voters: help stop the Tories - give your 2nd vote to Plaid

This is a message to Labour voters.

Since the the first Assembly elections in 1999, Labour has never won a seat in South Wales Central, the regional list on which I am seeking re-election.

The regional lists are Wales's version of proportional representation, providing an element of political balance. The aim is to ensure that if a party gets, say, one third of the votes in a region, it should get one third of the seats.

In South Wales Central there are 12 Assembly seats - eight constituency seats and four regional seats. In 2007, Labour held six of the eight constituency seats; and this time round they are challenging strongly in both Cardiff North and Cardiff Central. Because Labour dominates the constituency seats they cannot win regional seats here - they already have at least half of all seats in the region so already have their fair share of seats, and more. In every election since the establishment of the Assembly its been Plaid versus the Tories for the regional seats. In 2007, in South Wales Central, 70,000 Labour votes counted for nothing. In 2007, Plaid won two of the four regional seats and the Tories won the other two.

If the Tories narrowly lose the seat they hold (Cardiff North), they could increase their representation on the regional list.

Plaid policies have a lot in common with the values close to the hearts of Labour voters - for example our opposition to privatisation, support for workers' rights and working to ensure those on the lowest incomes do not pay for the debts caused by the casino-capitalist driven economic crash. Plaid is a progressive party on the left.

Labour voters can help reduce the risk of getting more Tories by voting Plaid with their second vote.

Help stop the Tories. Keep left. Vote Plaid.


S.O. Davies said...

Plaid voters, help to stop the Tories, give Labour your first vote.

Leanne Wood said...

I don't think you'll get much luck with that line here, but where it's tactically important, I'm sure some Plaid supporters will vote tactically. I'd hope Labour voters would do the same for Plaid.