Thursday, 23 June 2011

Questions for Carwyn

Why has it taken the actions of an anti-wind farm protest group from Powys for you to start publicly asking Westminster for powers over energy projects generating more than 50MW of electricity on land? This unfair restraint on Welsh autonomy – which does not apply in Scotland – has been the case for several years as you know, since you once held the Environment portfolio.

Do you base your demands at the various recent meetings of the four nations on what your counterparts in Scotland and the Six Counties are asking for? Do you have a clear idea as to what powers you want devolved from Westminster to Wales?

Why did your party colleagues rubbish Plaid Cymru’s ambitious plans to make finance available for capital projects, which would provide a buffer against the ConDem cuts and create thousands of jobs with our Build for Wales proposal when your cabinet colleagues are now refusing point blank to rule out seeking funding through the socially destructive Private Finance Initiative? And if the proposal was rubbish, why did Jane Hutt say yesterday that our Build4Wales idea is now being considered by your government as an option?

Why is it that the Welsh Government has yet to outline its position on the public sector services strike planned for next Thursday? I attempted to find out on two separate occasions in plenary this week what will happen but your Finance Minister, Jane Hutt, refused to answer the question both times. Are you afraid of upsetting your party colleagues in Westminster, particularly Ed Balls who shamefully called for the trade unions not to strike in defence of an unparalleled assault on their pensions? As a UNISON member yourself, you really need to make you and your Government’s position clear. This is an issue that is not going to go away anytime soon.

Carwyn, it's ‘time to lead.’


helen Mary Jones said...

Good piece Leanne. It is time for him to lead. But it seems he's not going to. All the more reason for us in Plaid to sort ourselves out so there is a strong socialist alternative. We can and we must.
Helen Mary

You mean there's more??? said...

First Job is to get Helen Mary back where she belongs.

Carwyn is talking PFI's?? bloody hell he is dafter than i thought and that is pretty daft.

I thought we were short of money not that we had money to burn on PFI's. Probably the worst idea to come out of anywhere, well for the public anyway.