Monday, 22 August 2011

Take a holiday in Wales

It's back to work today after a fantastic holiday in Wales.

The coast of south Ceredigion is unspoit, not commercialised, natural and peaceful.

We camped on a working farm which had fields bordering onto the sea between Mwnt and Gwbert. Nant Y Croi Farm is great for children - there are baby donkeys to feed and small ponies to ride around the campsite, tractor rides as well as having plenty of space to play. A cut through two fields takes you to a rocky walk to the sea where dolphins and seals can regularly be seen and the fresh food sold out of the farm-house guarantees delicious breakfasts.

Food is one of the reasons to holiday here. One of my faviurite restaurants in Wales is the Harbourmaster, just up the road. Unfortunely, I didn't make it there this time, but I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion. The food and drink is all local to the area. It'd delicious. They serve great beer too. We did manage to have a meal and watch an amazing sunset from the terrace of the Gwbert Hotel and get plenty of treats from the Llwynhelyg Farm Shop just up the road in Sarnau. The locally-made Tregroes chocolate waffles are out of this world. If you haven't tried them yet you really should. And the local cheeses...outstanding. Not cheap, but it is holidays! We also managed to sample some good ale with views at Y Llong, Tresaith and in Aberporth.

As well as enjoying some great weather on Mwnt beach which was a 20 minute walk along the coast from the campsite and shopping in Aberteifi, we found plenty to do when the sun wasn't shining. My six-year-old was entranced during an afternoon at the Butterfly Rainforest in Felinwynt. We went on a boat trip in Cei Newydd where we spotted half a dozen dolphins and another trekking horses through the beautiful countryside.

With no mobile phone signal on the farm, it was the perfect switch-off break. The overflowing inbox on my return is a price well worth paying.


Ivor Nadir said...

I know, it's fabulous here in North Pembrokeshire too. Sadly our holiday cottage has been empty for half the summer - bookings the lowest we've known in fifteen years, can't understand it.

BalchderCymru said...

It goes to show you don't need a passport to enjoy a holiday , We have a fantastic and beautiful Country an we should all make more of an effort to take in what we have in our own backyard in Cymru.

I bet any of us wont see what our own Country has to offer fully in our lifetime

I plan not to buy a passport anyhow untill we in Cymru have our own , and then i prob will not use it as we have such a fantastic Country

Balchder Cymru

derekhector said...

What a pity Leanne that Elin Jones didn't have her way to commence a badger kill. Then while sleeping you would have been awoken by badgers being killed while you were on holiday. You missed a treat and a bonus to your holiday.
Bet this doesn't survive moderation

Rhetoric said...

thing is you don't need a mobile phone. That Ceredigion coast is just about the best in the UK. Part of the James bond film 'Never say never again' was filmed at Pen Y Bryn beach

Welshwalker said...

One of the must see sights to savour in Ceredigion near Mwnt is Rhodri Morgan (exFM) in his shorts at Llangrannog. However, being Plaid I guess you'd want to give this a miss.

On a more serious note the spendthrift idiocy of the VisitWales tourism campaigns should be investigated by politicians like yourself. I can't do better than quote from Martin Morgan's Nogoodboyo blog about this...

With summer ending, The Welsh Tourist Board of Wales is stepping up its campaign to bully some imaginary English poshboy into spending a few weeks glaring resentfully at his made-up wife over a slate of flummery in Lleyn.

And why not? We Welsh have so far been spoiled by the quality of our summer visitors. The questing Dutchman, panning for Mawddwy gold; the German couple with gunmetal eyes, calibrating their theodylites to sort the mountains from the hills; the vanful of Poles a-kindling in your copse - they all love Wales for what she is, so why not ring the changes and welcome a fellow who calls the game "rugger" and watch how long it takes before someone paints him green and sets his car on fire?

In answer to Ivor nadir above about why your holiday cottage is empty half the year - ermm I'd better not say (in public)!