Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Firefighters union gives historic backing to Plaid

I have thanked the Fire Brigades Union for their donation to Plaid Cymru. This is what I told the Western Mail:

“These donations from the FBU are very welcome and mark an historic decision to move away from Labour for such a campaigning trade union.

“I hope more unions see that Gordon Brown’s Labour Government is cutting public services and doesn’t represent the interests of working people.

“Plaid has been a consistent supporter of firefighters and other public sector workers over the years. We’ve seen them face attack after attack from the Labour Government in London and the FBU has been at the forefront of attempts to maintain the fire service here in Wales.

“Plaid has forged close links with many trade unions over the years and we look forward to strengthening those ties to continue our fight for all working people.”

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