Thursday, 28 February 2008

Demonstrate for Women's Rights

Ann Widdecombe MP and Lord David Alton are touring to present their anti-abortion message as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill moves through Parliament. They are supported by hard-line anti-abortionists the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, Right To Life, Christian Medical Association, Care and LIFE and on 4th March, they come to Cardiff.

Worryingly, David Cameron has made supportive noises showing that these groups are gaining support from mainstream politicians.

83 per cent of people support a woman's right to choose yet abortion rights are set to come under the biggest attack in 18 years in Parliament this spring - particularly the abortion time limit. A small handful of anti-abortion MPs will succeed in removing our rights, unless there is opposition.

Women need more rights to choose, not less. Abortion Rights will be calling public events including a mass lobby of Parliament at strategic points in the parliamentary timetable to make sure MPs know women's views in the run up to the key votes on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. They are also asking people to write to their MPs.

Later abortion is rare. Less than 2 per cent of abortions take place between 20 and 24 weeks. Later abortions are needed by women facing exceptional and unavoidable circumstances including undiagnosed pregnancies, domestic violence, incest and rape, health problems and NHS delays. Lowering the abortion time limit would force such women to continue to term a pregnancy against their will or force them to travel to other countries for a termination or seek a ‘backstreet’ abortion.

It is important that MPs from all parties understand that the abortion debate is subject to misinformation on science by a vocal anti-abortion minority. The scientific evidence does not support any further restriction in the Abortion Act. It does not support a reduction in the time limit. None of the main medical bodies support such an attack.

Lets show Ms Widdicombe that we won't accept this attack on women's rights. Assemble 6.30pm outside the City Temple, Cowbridge Road East, Tuesday 4th March.

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Anonymous said...

Leanne, it is very disappointing to see you voice your support for the continuation of the abortion holocaust which has already claimed more than 7,000,000 lives of unborn babies since it was legalised in 1967. No one has a right to murder. Rights ultimately come from God and not from politicians. You are bringing great shame onto your party of Plaid Cymru which was founded and built by Godly people who would be outraged at the idea that Plaid would support the continuation of this abortion holocaust. Please have a rethink on this issue and support life instead of encouraging the culture of death. We'll pray for you.