Sunday, 10 February 2008

Injured Firefighters' Pensions

The Politics Show Wales covered an important story today. They highlighted Westminster government regulations that mean retained fire fighters injured in the line of duty could lose their pensions.

In London, three fire fighters were initially denied their pensions because while too ill to perform their regular duties, a medical appeal panel ruled that they could perform other roles. The London Fire Authority could not find suitable work for them, so were forced to lay them off.

The FBU has launched a campaign to change the regulations so that injured fire fighters are not denied their pensions in future. I've asked for a meeting with the Welsh Minister responsible for fire services to press for a change to the regulations. He has the power to change pension entitlements for fire fighters following a change to the law in 2004.

I see no reason why we have to wait for London to look again at the regulations before we do anything. Fire fighters provide one of the most important public services. They put their lives on the line everyday for us; so they deserve a secure pension from us in return.

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