Friday, 19 December 2008

New Policing and Crime Bill in Mrs. Windsor's speech

I endorse Barnardo’s position on the recently announced Policing and Crime bill. They are campaigning on two key areas:

To change sentencing thresholds so that only those 10 to 14 year old children convicted of ‘grave crimes’ or violent offences are locked up, and for greater investment in more timely support for children, young people and their families to address problems before they spiral out of control.

And to use these legislative opportunities to call for- a raising of the custody thresholds for under 15s; child protection to be a policing priority to further protect children from sex offenders."

A fairer and more effective justice system is needed urgently with the recession gaining momentum. We had warnings back in September of forthcoming higher crime levels as well as racial tensions, drug and alcohol problems and suicides which shows there's a real need for justice policies that help to prevent people from declining on a downward spiral, and which stop children growing up in crime-ridden environments. The UK government has missed yet another an opportunity to rise to such a challenge with this Policing and Crime Bill.

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