Thursday, 18 December 2008

Royal Mail - Public Service

I agree with this article about threats to part-privatise Royal Mail, by Gregor Gall in the Guardian. In the Western Mail Adam Price says:
“These proposals are ludicrous, and could lead to the loss of thousands of jobs at mail centres...Many of the problems currently faced by Royal Mail have arisen solely because of previous attempts at liberalisation and privatisation."
The Royal Mail has served us well as a viable public service for almost two hundred years. Why is it not viable now?

The Communication Workers Union fears that 50,000 jobs could be at risk if the part-privatisation goes ahead. Meanwhile, Royal Mail's Chief Executive took home a £3 million pay packet last year, despite being responsible for missed targets.

In 2005 Labour's election manifesto said of the Royal Mail that they had "no plans to privatise it". By keeping 51% of the shares, they can stay within this pledge. But will people believe them next time?

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Lenin Cymru said...

This is typical New Labour - screw the workers, save the bosses.