Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Calls grow for powers over crime to be devolved

On Thursday, the Howard League for Penal Reform joined the numerous bodies that are supporting the devolution of criminal justice to the National Assembly:

"A leading prison reform charity has called for criminal justice policy to be devolved to Wales. And a report by the Howard League for Penal Reform also says there should be greater use of community sentences. The group says public confidence in criminal justice would be boosted by greater control at local level." Their view backs up my criminal justice report's conclusions. If you haven't seen it already, then click here for a copy.

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Lunn said...

I am not completely enlightened of the way the Criminal Justice System works in terms of Government and the halls of power.

However, my knowledge of the criminal justice and a casualty of it, in terms of it not supporting rehabilitation and the horrors it has subjected me to in the past. And now the trials I fight now and will in the future. http://www.raymondlunn.co.uk

The concept of a devolved criminal justice system at a local level, can only be a grand step in terms of correction and ownership by the community.

Brutalities that persist will be recognised further and a devolved system of justice will bring about a clearer and safer fair-mindedness for all.

Raymond Lunn