Thursday, 2 July 2009

Welsh Minister calls for a Republic

Is there growing support for a Welsh Republic? Following hot on the heels of 50 MSPs not attending the Queen's address to the Scots Parliament, Labour's John Griffiths AM, has joined Bethan Jenkins and I to welcome the launch of Republic Wales:

"Republic is set to launch a Welsh campaign following an increase of interest sparked by the 40th anniversary of the investiture of the Prince of Wales.

Republic Wales will be launched with a series of meetings and a planned reception in the Welsh Senedd.

Republic's Graham Smith said today:

"The people of Wales have a long history of supporting democratic reform and republicanism. We are very pleased to announce the Republic Wales project. Many people in Wales see the imposition of a "Prince of Wales" as an added insult to their democratic ideals."

Republic is supported publicly by three prominent Assembly Members...

...John Griffiths AM, Deputy Minister with responsibility for older people
added his voice to the campaign:

"I strongly believe in a republic - in citizens not subjects, getting away from deference, curtsying and bowing, it's about equality and empowerment; I believe in election not accident of birth and in leadership based on achievement and the will of the people."

"The class system continues to hold back too many of our people and communities, with the Monarchy embodying its regressive nature. In the new millenium it is high time we moved to a new egalitarian and democratic settlement, including a written constitution and elected head of state."


Sweet and Tender Hooligan said...

Having known John personally for a while, i was always aware he was a committed Republican. It is great he has been move vocal about it.

Draig said...

You almost had me there Leanne - for a nanosecond I was under the impression that John Griffiths had become a Welsh Republican - but no, he's still a Brit.

Just out of curiosity, is the Communist Party still advocating a "British Republic" nowadays?